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Customer service isn't hard, just like how any job isn't hard. Watch this! Xo

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Why are there so many complaints about customer service?

One of the biggest reasons is that customer service is hard. It’s not easy to smile and be cheerful and helpful all the time.

But… being a chef is also hard. It’s not easy to focus on cooking consistent amazing food in a blazing hot kitchen when there’s a queue of people waiting outside.

Being an accountant is also hard. It’s not easy to be so detailed and organised when your client’s accounts are messy.

Cleaning toilets are hard. It’s not easy to always keep public toilets clean and spotless when people can be so careless and inconsiderate and throwing rubbish everywhere.

But… no matter how stressful it can be, a chef’s job is to make great good. An accountant’s job is to make sure their client’s accounts are done right, a toilet cleaner’s job is making sure the toilets are clean.

A customer service personnel’s job…is serving people. For example, if you’re a barista, your job isn’t serving coffee, it’s serving people.

You need to be able to make great coffee, because that’s part of your job. But that’s not all of your job. Serving people includes warmth and a genuine desire to help make people’s day just that little bit better after interacting with you.

That’s how we serve people and create great interactions.

When we can see that customer service is more than our talent at doing one thing - whether it’s our efficiency of running the front desk of a hotel, or our skill at selling products - that’s when we won’t find smiling and being cheerful so tedious, because we understand that it’s part of the job scope.

It’s not logical to sign on for a customer service job yet feel that it’s so tiresome to make effort with people, just like it’s not logical to want to be a lawyer who feels that it’s tiresome to read cases.

Nobody feels a 100% gung-ho about their jobs all the time. We’re human and we have bad days. But if we have 90% bad days all the time… then it’s not the job that’s the problem.

Customer service isn’t hard, just like any job isn’t hard. If we have a strong mindset and the skills to rise above challenges, then no matter what difficulties we face at work, we can still be happy, always.

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