Desperate monkeys raid Bali village after Covid-19 cuts the number of tourists feeding them

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Macaques in Bali have been raiding villagers' homes in search of food. This, as the Covid-19 pandemic restricts the entry of tourists, who often bring bananas, peanuts and other treats for them. The forest used to host around 6,000 visitors each month, but numbers have fallen to about 500 since the Covid-19 pandemic, because Indonesia has banned all foreign travelers since July 2021. The sanctuary, in Sangeh, now has less money to buy enough food for the monkeys, as its income from tourist admission fees has dropped dramatically. The macaques have since ventured out to a village 500 metres (1,640 feet) from the sanctuary to steal food. To help remedy the situation, villagers have been taking fruit, peanuts and other food to the forest to placate the hungry primates.

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As Covid-19 keeps tourists away, hungry Bali monkeys raid homes for food

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