Destiny Is A Matter Of Choice - Happiness Vlog

Do we really have a choice in how our life turns out? Here's how to drive your present and your future. Xo

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Destiny is a matter of choice.
The saying on this bottle encapsulates it perfectly - This is what I’ve always believed. Whether or not we think we have a choice in how our life turns out directly impacts how happy or unhappy we are.

The best way to motivate ourselves, to always be in charge of our own destiny, is to eliminate the thought ‘I should’ and replace it with ‘I want to’.

This is because the emotion that comes from the word ‘should’ is always one of hopelessness and resentment, because ‘should’ always implies that we have no choice but to do something.

There’s no such thing as ‘I should be loyal’, because the question is why should you? When we want to be loyal, that’s when we won’t feel trapped in a relationship or feel stifled by commitment.

When we do something as simple as change our vocabulary, from “I should” to “I want to”, our reality immediately changes.

When we change “I should do a good job" to “I want to do a good job.”, we no longer feel helpless or depressed that we have no choice. That’s because we’re not focusing on how little we’re paid or how we’re not really passionate about our work, we’re focused on being the best we can be, because that’s what we want.

When we want to try harder, we’re taking control of our own life. When we think we should try harder, it’s a downward spiral because we don’t understand why despite us trying harder at our job, at our relationships… things don’t improve.

It’s because when we think we should do something, we keep putting in the actions that is ‘correct’, but our heart’s not in it. That is why we can be making so many choices whilst thinking that we have no choice! That’s one of the reasons why we become negative and jaded about our future.

Life is not about working towards some great future meaning, life is about finding the meaning in the moment. It is only when we take ownership of our every moment that we will never feel like we have no choice, because that’s when we make up our minds that we want drive our own future.

Our destiny is always a matter of choice. Make it a choice to be happy, always.

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