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Protect your energy!

Don’t let anyone kill your vibe!

It’s not about protecting your vibe or your energy, because protection always implies that there’s an attack, that something is happening to us.

The reality is that things are just happening, not to us or against us. If someone is negative and toxic, they’re not doing it to us, they’re just behaving in a way that is a reflection of their mental and emotional state. So instead of defending ourselves against something that isn’t even about us in the first place, we can focus on valuing ourselves enough to know not to let toxicity get to us.

It’s taking responsibility for how we feel and how we’re affected. Because the moment we blame, we are putting our happiness and peace of mind in the hands of the other person. It means we’ve allowed it to get to us so much that it’s like they’re doing something bad towards us. The reality is that they are doing something we don’t agree with, period. Maybe what they’re doing is harmful, and it’s harming us. And because we value ourselves, we know to recognise toxicity in a way that we don’t perpetuate it.

When we complain about people’s negativity or when we allow ourselves to stay in a situation that is harming us, then we are not stopping the negativity but merely perpetuating it.

It’s not about protecting our vibe or our energy. It’s about valuing ourselves. Because the moment we value ourselves, we won’t feel like we need to continue a friendship that isn’t healthy for us, nor will we feel like we need to blame someone whom we think is taking advantage of us.

When we look within us, we’ll recognise that the reasons why we’re unable to detach ourselves from negativity and toxicity are all internal reasons - because we don’t like confrontations, because we want to be seen a nice person, because we need something that the person is giving, or maybe because complaining about it makes us feel good.

Take responsibility for your happiness, not protect your happiness. There’s nothing to defend against because only you can decide to take the actions to be happy, always.

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