Disaster Films You Need To See Before You Die

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For decades, Hollywood has derived blockbuster drama from natural disasters both real and imagined. From the all-star disaster movie classics of the '70s through the effects-driven spectacles of more recent decades, there's nothing quite like the thrill of watching things go horribly awry from the comfort of your couch or local cineplex. In the interest of saving you some time — since, as these films remind us, the clock is indeed ticking for us all — here's a look at some disaster films that simply can't be missed...

The Poseidon Adventure | 0:28
The Towering Inferno | 1:14
Alive | 1:48
Outbreak | 2:23
Daylight | 3:05
Twister | 3:33
Dante's Peak | 4:11
Deep Impact | 4:47
The Wave | 5:26
The Impossible | 5:51

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