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When you don't feel like doing something... here's what to do X

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How do you hack yourself to do the things you don't feel like doing?

No matter how happy we are in life, there's going to be things we really don't feel like doing, but we know we kind of have to do them.

The best hack to do anything happily, is to use our mind to create a reality where we only have 2 categories to choose to be in - The category of 'I want to do it', or the category of 'I don't want to do it'. Because when we don't feel like doing something, we're often right here in the middle, where we've put ourselves in the category of “I'm doing this because I have no choice”, “I'll do it but I resent it”, or “I do it but I hate it".

That's where the unhappiness and resistance is - right here in the middle. So we cannot remain here if we want to be happy. We have to choose to either step left into 'I want to do it', or right into 'I don't want to it’.

So if there is something you don't feel like doing, the only question to ask is - are you still going to do it? If you ARE, then it must mean that you WANT to do it - for whatever reasons that exist. You may not like it, but you WANT to do it. Maybe you get a better relationship, maybe you get a cleaner bathroom, maybe you get to put food on the table and feed your family.

If you really didn't want to do it, you simply wouldn't.

Sometimes, we have negative motivations to doing something - like the fear of punishment or fear of losing someone, and that is why we feel that we have no choice, why we keep staying in this middle part of unhappiness.

Once we focus on the positive reasons of why we do the things we do, then we can acknowledge that we actually want to do them. 'Having' to do something is the same as 'wanting' to do something, because it both means we are going to do it.

The former just means we're going to do it miserably, and the latter means we're going to do it happily.

The choice of our vocabulary like ‘No choice’ or ‘I made that choice’ reflects our mindset, and that in turn affects our feelings.

So you can sweep the floor frustratedly because you have no choice because your boss told you to, or you can sweep the floor happily because you're aware of why you chose to keep this job.

We never do nothing we don't want to do - there is always a reason of why we would still go ahead to do something. Embrace the reason, focus on what it gives you, what it brings to your life, and you'll stop seeing what it's taking away from you instead.

Only when we are acutely aware that we always choose our actions, and that no action taken is ever because we have no choice, can we be at peace, and be happy, always.

Happiness VLOG, Xandria Ooi
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