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Do you believe in karma? Here's why there's always a consequence to our actions. X

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People say karma's a bitch, but it's not karma that we have to worry about, it's simple cause and effect.

If you're going to jump on a rope, that rope's going to ripple and bounce, and everyone else standing on that rope will feel the effect of it. Action, consequence.

Sometimes we don't care about the consequences affecting other people and sometimes the consequence to us isn't immediate so we think we've gotten away with it.

And this is where we underestimate the cost of bad behaviour - simply because we think there's a 'reward' for bad behaviour. For example, if you yell at a waiter you might get the 'reward' of a discount, or if you bully someone and drag them off a plane you might get the 'reward' of the convenience of an empty seat, but there's so many costs to bad behaviour that aren't tangible but yet we have to be smart enough to see.

If you kick and abuse a dog, you wouldn't think that the cost, the consequences would be in any way related to the success of your business as a franchise holder, but the next thing you know the franchisers have pulled your contract because they're stunned and outraged watching a video footage on the internet of you abusing animals.

When we're rude to someone, when we're entitled, when we show our superiority, when we bully and abuse - we cannot immediately see how it's costing us our reputation, or friends, or relationships, or even our livelihood. .. until it’s too late.

There is always an additional cost to bad behaviour that is not visible, but very real. Call if karma, or call it logic, but it's inevitable that actions will always have consequences.
And when the time comes around for us to pay the cost of the consequence, we may not be able to afford it. So live responsibly, live INTELLIGENTLY and live kindly to have no regrets and be happy, always.

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