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Do you, or someone you know, have a poor work ethic? Watch this! XO

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We all grow up knowing that we want a successful career - but how many of us grow up wanting to develop good work ethic?

Having a good work ethic isn’t about sacrifices or staying later than anybody else. A good work ethic simply means contributing true value to a team and the people working with you.

Throwing tantrums at work, isn’t good work ethic.
Being moody, sulking or ignoring people just because we’re upset isn’t good work ethic.
Being defensive at work, isn’t good work ethic.
Gossiping or playing politics isn’t good work ethic.

We cannot underestimate the power of bad work ethic - it infuses itself into the everyday culture in the company, and starts to influence and affect everyone else, making the entire culture toxic and unproductive.

Often, we feel justified behaving negatively at work because we think that we are right, or because we don’t see the harm in it, but a person’s poor work ethic will always impact any organisation’s bottom line. We cannot let our ego turn us into someone who justifies everything and blames everyone, and we cannot let our carelessness turn us into someone who isn’t mindful and constantly make excuses.

We can think we are good at our job, but we often don’t realise that our lack of work ethic makes it difficult for us, and the company, to grow.

The truth is, our mindset, attitude and work ethic determines how good we are at our job. We can be skilled at one thing yet not realise that our unprofessionalism is sabotaging all the hard work we put in.

It is when we can contribute true value not just for ourselves but for the team and the company as whole that we’ll stand a head above the rest, and that makes it easier for us to be successful, and of course, to be happy, always.

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