Do You Have The Skills To Solve Problems In Life? (Self-Development)

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If schools don't teach us the skills to be happy, then we need to make the effort to learn. Watch this! XO

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we lean match and science , but not how to be happy

Why is it that we start to learn about empathy, patience and the understanding of our own emotions only when we’re adults?

Life is such that we will all experience difficult and painful situations, so are we prepared for the times where it’s a struggle to be happy?

For many of us, it’s a fumble in the dark - we try our best to make sense of our hurt and heartbreak or our anger and frustrations, but often, we don’t know what to do with it.

Math, science, language and all the other subjects we study in school are important to our progress as a human being, but intelligence isn’t the same as wisdom.

We can solve problems externally, but how do we solve all that is going on internally?

Life is a series of problem-solving experiences. This is why happiness is much more than a feeling, our happiness is dependent upon how skilled we are at processing and addressing what is happening to us at every point of our lives.

From very simple things to how to not let someone piss you off or ruin your day, to the deeper subjects on how to get over a broken heart or handle work conflicts, we have to actually learn the skills of what to do in these situations. Otherwise, we’re just “coping” the best we can.

Nobody walks into an exam unprepared and hoping to just cope, so why we do that do ourselves in our lives, where it’s not just marks on a paper, but our happiness that is at stake?

It’s strange that so much of what we study prepare us to have a great career, but there’s so little to prepare us to have a great life.

With this awareness, we know we don’t have to in order to be happy, we can decide how happy we are by making a conscious effort to pick up the skills on how to solve problems positively.

For however much we achieve in life, there’s no greater success than waking up everyday knowing how to be happy, always.

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