Do You Know Why You're Unhappy? (Self-Awareness)

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Our happiness depends a lot on how we deal with our unhappiness. Watch this! XO

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We search for happiness, but perhaps we should be looking at our unhappiness.

Logically, it is only when we’re unhappy that we feel the need to look for happiness. So life isn’t as much about seeking happiness, as it is about understanding the source of our unhappiness.

On the surface, it can seem like stressful work situations, painful relationships and difficult people that are causing our unhappiness, but when we examine it deeper, we’ll see that what weighs us down are our insecurities, resentment, anger, judgement, hurt, hate, doubts, jealousy and all the emotions and expectations that we cannot let go of.

It is what we carry inside of us that makes life difficult, not what is happening outside to us.

When we’re unhappy, it’s instinctive for us to look externally at how to make our lives better - perhaps we need a better job, perhaps we need to a different relationship, perhaps we need a change of scenery, perhaps we just need a little more of this or a little less of that, to be happy.

However, no matter where we go, what job we have or who we’re in a relationship with, it is always what is unresolved in our hearts and minds that stops us from being able to be truly content.

We use the word unhappy when the feeling of happiness is absent, but what we actually mean is that we’re frustrated or dissatisfied or upset or lost.

So when we’re unhappy, it’s not about looking outwards to feel better, but looking inwards to identify what weighs us down.

It is only when we allow ourselves to truly see what we’re holding on to so tightly that we’re able to let go of it. Only we have the power to change what we’re unhappy about, in our journey to be happy, always.

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