Don’t Despair When You’re Not Happy`

Don’t despair when you’re feeling terrible. Watch this! XO

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To Read:

Why are you so hard on yourself? You’re only human.

Sometimes, we feel terrible for not being able to be positive. We feel so bad because we know exactly what we should do yet we’re unable to do it. We feel like we’re aware of what we need to change, and we feel so guilty that we’re not able to create that change.

And here’s the thing - our human life isn’t more or less valuable depending on what we can or cannot do.

Why do we keep measuring ourselves to SOME kind of benchmark, where we feel like we’re lesser because we are not yet where we want to be?

Sure, society can judge us. Sometimes, even family and friends can judge us. But that isn’t the real problem - the problem is that we judge ourselves.

What does a lack of confidence even mean? It’s that deep down, we don’t believe that we are enough, because we know our potential, we know we can be so much more.

But our flaws and insecurities and fears and needs do not make us a lesser person.

If you can’t swim or play the piano, you don’t think you’re any less of a person. So why we do automatically feel like we’re less when we can’t be happy?

Just because schools don’t teach us about happiness doesn’t mean that being happy is something we should naturally know.

Nobody naturally knows how to solve problems positively, or how to let go of negative emotions, or how to change a toxic pattern, or how to identify childhood trauma, or how to process hurt and fear.These are all things we have to learn.

We spend at least 16 years of our life studying math and science just to be decent at it, it doesn’t make sense that we will naturally know how to figure ourselves out, much less be good at it.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re not yet where you want to be. So don’t feel bad and don’t get frustrated with yourself for not being able to immediately change.

People become better through patience and love, not criticism and guilt. So don’t judge yourself - work on believing in your own value, and it’ll help you be happy, always.
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