Don’t Let Others Determine Your Worth (Self-Respect & Self-Love)

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Career and relationships are important, but don’t let that define WHO you are. Watch this! XO

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To be happy, we have to understand the very nature of being human. At the core of every one of us, there is always a need for validation.

What this means, is that we human beings have a tendency to attach our identity and our self-worth to external factors like our career or our relationships.

This is why, when we lose our jobs, we can feel like we don’t know who we are anymore. This is why, when someone we love breaks up with us or treats us badly, we can go from feeling so confident to feeling so deeply lost.

Yet, this often isn’t something that we’re aware of on a conscious level - it is when we observe our actions and reactions that we begin to see how deeply we need validation from certain sources that are important to us.

Our sense of who we are is incredibly tied up with how we need respect, love and significance.

When we seek to fulfil these needs externally, we’d feel like we have no real anchor, and this is why we can feel so depressed or unhappy with life.

What can really help is to understand that the work we have to put in to live good life, doesn’t lie in the pursuit of a wonderful career or an epic relationship - you can have both and still be unhappy.

Living a good life means working on building that foundation of self. We have to be our own anchor, and not depend on external factors to give our life meaning.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need anybody, but it does mean that when the storms come, we won’t be so easily shaken because we have cultivated a deep well of love and respect for ourselves.

Yes, life experiences will hurt, but all the hurt that comes our way will not define who we are.

When we put in the work to identity and understand what our needs for validation are, we can slowly detach from them and instead build a strong foundation of self; brick by brick of self-respect, layer by layer of self-love.

Then, we’re not just confident on the outside, but steady on the inside, so we can live a life where no matter what happens, we know how to still be happy, always.

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