Don’t Self-Sabotage At Work (Developing Self-Awareness)

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It's normal to face challenges at work. This is why we don’t have to be upset and unhappy about it. XO

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To Read:
Nobody goes to work wanting to do a bad job. Yet, so many of us end up sabotaging ourselves despite our good intentions.

When we face challenges at work, we can feel so demotivated and so upset that our attitude and our performance suffers.

Other people can see this when they look at us, but usually we can’t see it ourselves - it’s really hard to be self-aware and observe our own behaviour when we’re feeling unhappy at work.

At times like these, what can really help us is to remind ourselves that challenges at work, like challenges in life, are normal.

Happiness isn’t just a feeling. We can not enjoy an experience yet not be unhappy about it. Like when you’re stuck in traffic, or when we’re sick, we don’t enjoy it, but we don’t have to be upset about it.
Similarly, there are many things at work that we don’t enjoy - nobody enjoys complications with bosses, or enjoy having to communicate with a difficult colleague or enjoy dealing with unreasonable customers and clients, but even with all these challenges, it doesn’t mean that we must be unhappy about it.

What it does mean, is that we need to develop the skills to work through challenges in a way that can help us and not sabotage our own performance at work.

If we don’t enjoy our work, we can always find solutions to it. What doesn’t help, is being consumed by thoughts like things are unfair, or work is too hard or work is too boring, because that is the victim mindset and will only make us a lesser version of ourselves.

Approach any situation with a positive and problem-solving mindset, so you can help yourself be happy, always!

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