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Don’t worry about what people think of you, watch this! XO

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Why are we so easily embarrassed in life?

Is it because we’re afraid people are going to laugh at us, or judge us?

It’s like when we fall in public, we quickly get up and then to pretend that nothing happened?

Sometimes, it hurts, yet we want to be all nonchalant about it.

But when you think about it, have you ever laughed at someone for falling? No, right? So why would we think people are going to laugh at us?

Most of us are driven very instinctively by self-consciousness. When we really examine why, we might find that we fear judgement more than we realise. This is why one of human beings’ biggest fears is probably being laughed at. It’s so easy to feel insulted or feel defensive when we think that someone is laughing at us.

Yet, so what, if people really are laughing at us? It doesn’t hurt us physically at all. The only thing that could be injured is our pride, which stems from our ego, which is related to our lack of self-confidence.

It’s really hard to be a 100% confident of ourselves, especially when we know our own weaknesses and might already worry about what people might think of our flaws. This is why we try to always put up this image that we’re infallible, like we’re strong and perfect. But even this is illogical, because no human being is infallible or perfect.

So if we already know this, then why do we want to be self-conscious of our humanity?

One of the best ways to live life is to laugh, a lot. Not at people, but at yourself. We can learn to enjoy laughing at ourselves, because it’s a great way to practice detaching from our ego and to build a strong sense of self from within.

When we can laugh at ourselves, we will need less external validation from people to feel good about ourselves.

Nobody can every laugh at you if they’re laughing with you. This is a great way to build our confidence and not worry about what people think, and be happy, always!

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