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The thing about the pursuit of happiness… is that happiness cannot be pursued.

This is because we only need to pursue something that is difficult to obtain. We only need to be chasing after something that is running away from us. Happiness is neither of those things, because all we have to do to be happy… is to allow it in.

It’s strange to think that we may be holding our own happiness at bay when we’re trying so hard to be happy, and it’s only because we’re trying to achieve happiness like it’s an external conquest… when the truth is that our happiness has always been with us - it’s just that we keep ignoring it because we expect it to be in the form of something else, like pleasure or satisfaction.

The most fascinating thing about happiness is that even as we are unhappy about something, we can still be happy. It is the strangest truth in the universe, because happiness is simply contentment - where we are content with how we are and how we’re not, where we are and where we’re not, what we’re doing and what we’re not; content with what we have and what we do not have.

Which means, that things can be dissatisfying, irritating, unfair, troublesome, tiring, frustrating and hugely undesirable, yet we can be content with it, because we’ve simply accepted what we cannot change, we’ve put into action what we can change, and we’ve learned how to be grateful for every present moment without the need to control it.

If we can truly understand that happiness is not a perfect circumstance or environment, that happiness is not the absence of problems or pain, that happiness is not a pressure or goal to be achieved, then we can understand how we can be happy all the time, even during the most difficult of times.

We don’t have to be pursue happiness. We don’t have to be in motion, doing something, achieving something, to be happy. Happiness not a reward, it’s already ours. We just have to be able to see this to allow it in. Be content, and you’ll be happy, always.

Happiness Vlog, Xandria Ooi
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