Don't Fear Judgement - Happiness Vlog

A good way to live is to not fear judgement from others. Here's how. XO

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Judgement. We would all like to not care about being judged, yet the fear of judgement can be the underlying force that dictates much of our behaviour.

It’s easy to say “Oh, let’s not care about what people think”, but it’s more about the ability to be genuinely unaffected, as opposed to simply not caring.

Not caring is the simplest way of trying to be unaffected, because that’s our defensive mechanism at work. We’re able to block out anything that don’t suit us. And that’s great, but what’s even better is to not have to have walls and be defensive against negativity, but to learn to be able to face it and then let it go.

The only way to be unaffected by judgement is to understand that the fear of being judged comes from ourselves. It is when we feel that we should be this way or that way, when there are parts of ourselves we’re not very confident about, that we feel that others are also judging us on the very same things we already feel insecure about.

People will always have their opinions but nobody can judge us if we don’t judge ourselves. Letting go of judgement doesn’t mean not being accountable for our actions, it doesn’t mean that we’re slacking off or making excuses for ourselves. In fact, it’s the opposite.

The lack of judgement on ourselves frees us to do the best we can because we’re not weighed down by self-criticism and self-doubt, and that is true confidence.

When we are comfortable with who we are and okay with our flaws, we won’t fear judgement from other people, not because we think we’re perfect but because we have acknowledged our own weaknesses and are already working on it.

When we can truly accept who we are, there is no fear of judgement. That is when people can say whatever they want and we won’t take it personally, and can be happy, always!
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