Don't Judge On Appearance - Happiness Vlog

When we truly value ourselves, we stop caring about appearances. Watch this! Xo

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How we look on the outside has nothing to do with the kind of person we are on the inside, and we have to stop judging people from their appearance.

Women who wear short skirts and show more skin in their dressing don’t automatically have looser morals. It doesn’t mean they can’t be taken seriously. It just means that you don’t think you can take them seriously, which is a sign that you should change the way you think, as opposed to them changing the way they dress.

People who have tattoos and piercings aren’t automatically dangerous. It doesn’t mean they have a propensity for violence, it just means that you are afraid of them, which is a sign that you should examine what other judgements and pre-conceived notions are driving your fears.

Why do we associate intelligence, class and integrity with how people look on the outside? Hasn’t it been proven time and again, especially in relationships, that all those qualities have nothing to do with how a person looks, but how a person is?

It’s the same thing with happiness. We can have a big and luxurious house, but we can have so many arguments, so much resentment and unhappiness that the house is ugly on the inside. It just looks beautiful on the outside.

What is the purpose of a beautiful home? It’s just a container. What’s more important are the contents inside. The container is just to hold the contents. We don’t want a beautiful home, we want a beautiful home-life.

Similarly, our body, the way we dress and the way we look, are merely the containers to what’s truly important. What are we like on the inside? What contents do we hold?

This is why having the perfect life doesn’t make us happy if we’re angry and judgemental and easily offended and affected. This is why power and riches can be amazing yet happiness can still be elusive.

When we choose to value ourselves for who we are on the inside, we stop caring so much about appearances, we’re stop judging ourselves and other people on their appearances. When we pay attention to what’s truly important - the contents, not the container - we can truly be happy, always.

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