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Customer service isn’t a job you take because you can’t study or because you have no choice.

As with anything we do, we have to be proud of it. The moment we think customer service is lowly, if we think it’s boring or crappy, then we’re not going to be very good at it. It’s a downward spiral - when you have a negative mindset towards your job, you attract negative experiences to yourself.

That’s why when you hate your job, and you go to work with this hateful energy, it never gets better but it does get worse.

If you think customer service is just being there to be abused by awful customers, then all you’ll get is abuse by awful customers. If you think customer service is fulfilling because it’s an opportunity to serve, to contribute, and to genuinely help people, then you’re going to meet amazing customers who add value to your life. The universe has this way of bringing right back the energy we put out.

It’s not true that serving people means being a doormat. Nobody can wipe their feet on you if you respect yourself and have integrity.

Serving people is the highest form of fulfilment, because giving always beings about an unparalleled joy. This is why customer service brings about the kind of satisfaction that is hard to explain and is rarely experienced in any other professions.

When you look down upon your job, people will look down upon you. When you’re proud of what you do, people will be inspired by you.

There are so many kinds of people in this world, and it’s not just customer service where you meet unpleasant people, nasty people or unkind people. You see these people wherever you go.

Don’t look at customer service as you being powerless, but instead see the power you have to influence people positively, to give out the kind of energy you’d like to receive.
It’s always a privilege to give and to serve, whether it’s in your job or in your relationships. Be proud of who you are and what you do, and it’s so much easier to wake up each day and be happy, always.

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