What does it mean to be a conscious being? How can we show the insides of our imagination? For millennia, we humans have attempted to turn our minds inside out: from early cave paintings, to music, architecture, celluloid and cinema; there has been a “historical drive to manifest our consciousness outside of our minds, in front of our eyes,” as Gene Youngblood wrote. The “art instinct” comes from the need to “unleash the free, brave, reckless gods inside of us,” as DH Lawrence wrote. This video is the first art piece of the singularity: born from a human-AI collaboration by Jason Silva, Hueman Instrument and digital intelligence.

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Burning Man Festival by Beeple | Desert Temple God by Beeple
op art of human by Mario Martinez art
large brain neurons by Zdzisław Beksiński | picnic by mario martinez art
gold alloy neurons by beeple | glitchcore chakras
heaven and hell by GEORGES DE LA TOUR | paradise lost by RENÉ MAGRITTE
eye of horus | heroglyphs
infinity sign by beeple
Space Exploration by John Berkey | space ships by John Berkey
human heart by GUSTAVE MOREAU | a person by GEORGES DE LA TOUR
gods by beeple | worms by beeple
blacklight aesthetic luminal outer space | cosmic unfolding by CASPAR DAVID FRIEDRICH
depression by Zdzisław Beksiński |
depression by BASQUIAT
Existential Grief by dan hillier
death by alex gray
The Thinker Statue
brain connectome
balancing rocks by johfra bosschart
atlas holding the world
speech bubble scribbles by Beeple
Existential Duality art by Mariusz Lewandowski
The Scream by Edvard Munch
grim reaper by dan hillier
M.C. Escher Hand with Reflecting Sphere
beautiful field of flowers by beeple
dying flowers by Zdzisław Beksiński
hardest difficulty mode
god brain from the creation of adam painting
digital brain art | brain networks art
art store markers display | pantone
color swatch booklets | art store display COPIC markers
3d Render Digital Art
city scene koyaanisqatsi
Aerial View of city | tokyo sunset
alchemy potion making magic room art | magic potions
Coral Reef by beeple
dyson sphere by John Berkey | technological circuits by John Berkey
3D Unreal Engine Render of Psychedelic by Alex Gray
Blade Runner city by Fabrizio Clerice
gods by Fabrizio Clerici
grim reaper by Fabrizio Clerici
solar system oil on canvas by Fabrizio Clerici
toilet by Fabrizio Clerici
Burning Man Festival by Beeple | Desert Temple God by Beeple
demolition derby car by Beeple
desert void by beeple
Burning Man Festival by Beeple
Human Being by georgia o'keeffe
Escher Corridor
Human Head by M.C. Escher
UFO transcendental object by Jackson Pollock
camera lens by Jackson Pollock
camera lens by dan hillier
light through cracks by alex gray
godself by alex grey | oversoul by alex grey
mandelbrot fractal by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
mandelbrot fractal by Edvard Munch
camera lens by dan hillier
close up human eye by alex grey
trashbag by dan hillier
balloon fly away by dan hillier
hammer break glass by dan hillier
singularity by jonathan solter | living in a simulation by jonathan solter
rainbow burst by Jonathan solter
technological singularity phone by Katsushika Hokusai | artstation blackhole by Katsushika Hokusai
artstation earth by KATSUSHIKA HOKUSAI
Helping hands by Vincent Van Gogh
french nobles Vincent Van Gogh
planet earth by Vincent van Gogh | earth from space by Vincent Van gogh | stary night by Vincent van Gogh
falling by john martin
Primates by John Martin
Flying bird by John Berkey
futurescape by beeple and escher with alien hands by KATSUSHIKA HOKUSAI
underwater hellscape made of 360 degree photo sphere Escher by beeple and Gustave Doré
technological singularity by Gustave Doré | Artificial Intelligence by Gustave Dore
digital mind by Gustave Doré
super computer wires by John Berkey
Thumb by John Berkey
ray kurzweil by John Berkey
glowing cities by John Berkey
artist palette by alex grey
Sci Fi Space Station by John Berkey
Dyson Sphere by John Berkey
spiral galaxies by jonathan solter
Mushroom Cloud by jonathan solter
mushroom cloud color burst by jonathan solter | color burst by Vincent van Gogh
mushroom cloud color burst by beeple | color burst by beeple
color burst by beeple | burning man festival by beeple
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