Drugs, Sex and Gangs Inside Rikers Island Prison

An ex-correction officer lifts the veil on the violence and dysfunction behind one of America’s most notorious jails housing inmates awaiting trial for murder, robbery and rape.

Having worked at Rikers jail for two years, the Informer shares the demoralizing working conditions, corruption and sexual harassment – all for just doing her job.

She reveals that regular cell tours turn ugly as inmates routinely pull out their penis and masturbate over her. One incident involves an inmate forcibly ripping a colleague's duty belt off to get into her pants. Drugs, weapons and alcohol are rampant as officers are selling them for quick cash, putting the Informer’s life at risk.

After trying to quit nearly four times to “stay in the fight”, she hits rock bottom and hands in her badge at a time when a mass exodus of staff were quitting too.

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