Dumb Things In Doctor Strange Everyone Just Ignored

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Marvel's Doctor Strange had the enormous task of introducing big magic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You know, same reality as Captain America and Iron Man and other science-based heroes. Even Scarlet Witch is explained as using "cosmic energy" when she does her thing, so Doctor Strange explores some weird new places for our heroes. And fans and critics agree that it does so really, really well. But despite having a compelling story and mind-blowing visuals to boot, the film still had a few head-scratchers that you just can't wave a magic wand at. Here are a few plot points that not even Steven Strange could explain...

Missing magicians | 0:34
Only the Surface | 1:19
Chain gang | 1:59
Deus ex magica | 2:59
Time and time again | 3:32
Magic Mordo-torium | 4:41

Looper, Doctor Srange

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