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When people disagree with us at work, this is what we can do! X

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To Read:

I don’t agree.
I don’t think it’s a good idea.
Your proposal isn’t going to work.

When people don’t agree with us at work, they’re not ‘rejecting our proposals’, or ‘not seeing it our way’.

When people don’t agree with us, there is always a reason. Maybe they’ve experienced problems in the past with similar projects. Or maybe they just don’t know how to verbalise their thoughts clearly. Maybe they feel frustrated because this is just one of too many things they have to deal with that day. Or maybe they just feel like they have something to prove a need to be recognised or validated.

Most of the time, people are not conscious of what the reason is when they disagree with us, they just feel an immediate reaction to our ideas, a dislike or discomfort.

And 99.9% of the time, it’s not us that caused that reaction. Even if it is because they dislike us or trying to make our lives difficult, it’s because it comes from a place of deep insecurity.

So when it comes to work communication and discussions, the best thing for us to do is to always
put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.

If you were them, what would you be most concerned about?

This is so that we won’t be simply reacting. When people say things we don’t agree with, we don’t have to ‘push back’. We can be a collaborative problem-solver, instead of someone engaging in an argument or to win a point.

When people are fighting with their ego, we can recognise that and not react with our ego as well. This doesn’t mean that we’re a pushover. It doesn’t mean we just ‘give up’ on issues we believe in during challenging discussions. We can be strong and confident, but also compassionate.

When we’re ‘fighting’, it’s very easy to forget that we’re talking to humans. No matter how heated a discussion is, we have to remember to treat people like they’re human instead of the ‘enemy’.

If we want the discussions at work to go positively, we have to drive it instead of letting our emotions take over. Speak your mind without compromising your compassion. The only real win in life, is when we’re able to be calm and be happy, always.

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