Every Saw Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

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The Saw series started out as a fever dream project for film students James Wan and Leigh Whannell but has since developed into a whole franchise of gore. The central villain Jigsaw initially presented himself as a non-serial killer who just wanted to force troubled people into appreciating and fighting for their lives. But as the series went on, his games eventually made it clear that he and his minions just wanted to see people suffer. As a result, some installments definitely turned out better than others. From worst to first, here's a ranking of all the Saw movies so far...

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter | 0:33
Saw III | 1:21
Saw VI | 2:06
Saw IV | 3:07
Saw V | 3:53
Saw II | 4:52
Saw | 5:41

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