Everyday People Who Are BIGGER Than Bodybuilders!

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We tend to think of bodybuilders as the strongest people out there. However, many bodybuilders have incredible physiques but lack the raw strength of people who are more focused on function rather than form. We’ll show you some of the strongest people around that you won’t see on stage in a bodybuilding competition. Little Liam Hoekstra might not look like much, but he has a rare genetic condition which means his muscles have near limitless potential. Sometimes being in a high pressure situation can make us to do things we had no idea were possible, like when Lauren Kornacki lifted a car off her father who was trapped underneath it. Another person you might underestimate is the petite Chen Wei-Ling. At just under five feet tall and weighing just over 100 lbs, she can lift almost four and a half times her body weight, which is more than most Olympians are capable of! You might know Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson better by the name of his character on Game of Thrones, Gregor Clegane, also known as The Mountain. While he may be the strongest man in Westeros, there is another man who has the title of World’s Strongest Man, and that is strongman Eddie Hall. Eddie recently defeated The Mountain at a competition, although some people alleged that there was foul play. Indian teenager Abhishek Choubey can pull up to two vehicles in a very unusual way you’ll have to see to believe!

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