Everyday Things That PROVE Your Life Is A LIE

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Things That PROVE You Can't TRUST Everything You See

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We don’t claim to be geniuses, but there are a few things we can confidently say that we know. Green gummi bears are either lime or green apple flavored, baby carrots are smaller versions of regular carrots, and The Carlton Dance is specific to actor Alfonso Ribeiro. Well, you might be wrong about just a few of those things. Those delicious baby carrots that you love snacking on are just gussied up versions of regular carrots. The Carlton Dance was actually inspired by a completely different celebrity, and we will just let you guess what flavor green gummi bears truly are. Have you ever wondered how Superman’s cape seems to flow so perfectly in the breeze, or how the girls in hair care commercials have such wavy locks? No, it’s not the work of fans, but rather green screen fluffers, who look sort of like ninjas and are part of some good old movie magic. We aren’t trying to fire up a debate on whether or not it’s acceptable to fire up a Hawaiian pizza, but we will let you know that it originated absolutely nowhere near Hawaii. If you thought that you had a favorite colored Froot Loop, we hate to tell you that your mind is playing tricks on you, because they absolutely all taste the same. You’ve probably seen people pouring orange juice into a cup in a million commercials and movies, but did you know that they’ve all been doing it completely wrong?

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