Everything About 12 Remakes You Didn't Know Were Being Made

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Hollywood has churned out some regrettable remakes over the years, but among the garbage, there have also been some successful cinematic revivals like Ocean's Eleven and The Thing, both of which made audiences forget there was something else to compare them to in the first place. With that optimistic outlook in mind, let's take a look at all the remakes Tinseltown has in the works that might be worth your ticket money…

Suspiria | 0:22
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels | 1:17
Overboard | 2:04
The Thomas Crown Affair | 2:58
The Raid: Redemption | 3:48
Death Wish | 4:23
An American Werewolf in London | 5:17
The Great Outdoors | 6:02
Scarface | 6:44
The Intouchables | 7:44
Starship Troopers | 8:33
Maniac Cop | 9:23

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