Extreme Water Vehicles People Can't Get Enough Of

11 extreme water vehicles people can't get enough of:

#1 The Q2s is an electric "hydrofoiling watercraft." The foils allow it to glide above the water. It can reach speeds up to 25 mph. 

#2 The Watercar Panther can go from water to road in under 15 seconds. Easily transfer power from the wheels to the propeller. It goes up to 55 mph on land and 40 mph on water. 

#3 The Sealander camper turns into a boat. Panoramic windows and a removable roof offer amazing views. Panoramic windows and a removable roof offer amazing views. Pedals power the underwater propeller. You steer with the handlebars, just like a bike.

#4 The Gibbs Quadski ATV goes from land to water. It can reach 45 mph on any surface.

#5 The Ultraskiff 360 is a one-man boat. It's perfect for fishing or laying out on the water. 

#6 The Iguana Yacht has tracks that allow it to crawl on land. This eliminates the need for docking.

#7  This Terra Wind RV doubles as a boat. It allows you to be as comfortable on water as you are on land. 

#8 The Mirage Eclipse paddleboard is powered by steps. The wide body makes it more stable than a traditional paddleboard.

#9 The Fissot MFK003 is a motorized fishing kayak. It has built-in rod holders and storage for caught fish. Foot pedals make it easy to steer. 

#10 These are jet-propelled boogie boards. The Kymera Body Board is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. It can reach speeds up to 20mph.

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