Famous Celebs Who CAN'T STAND Kylie Jenner!

Surprising Things You NEVER Knew About Kylie Jenner

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Between being on different reality shows, running her own fashion line, and coming out with her own brand of makeup, Kylie Jenner is definitely making her mark on this world. Sure, she might be famous just for being famous, but you have to admit that she’s been doing more than just sitting around and looking pretty. The socialite has managed to step out of the Kardashian shadow and is making a name for herself. Of course, on the way to stardom, you make some enemies along the way. Plus, with every eye looking at you, it’s no surprise that there will be haters and critics who loathe what you do. Thanks to social media, we can learn all about who doesn’t like who, and who has Kylie Jenner on their radar. Some of the backlash she gets is totally justified. While some of the critiques she gets lean more on the side of pettiness and jealousy.

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