Famous Internet Memes and Where They Are Now

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top 10 funniest pictures and online memes and what they look like today
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For you meme connoisseurs out there we are bringing you part two of Famous Internet Memes and What They Look Like Today. We’ll show you how ten more of your favorite meme stars are doing today, and let you know the true story behind some of your favorite images. For instance, did you know that the Hipster Barista is an actual barista? He’s so serious about his career, that he even competes in barista competitions, which we didn’t realize were a real thing. Alex from Target no longer works at Target, and instead spends his time acting and modeling instead. You’ll be pleased to know that the handsome man with the warm smile known as Ridiculously Photogenic Guy is still out there running marathons and flashing those pearly whites. We showed you the man behind the College Freshman meme already, so this time we’ll introduce you to his female counterpart Sheltered College Freshman. Only this girl is a successful model and not just a run of the mill freshman! We’re used to models smiling for their photos, but one became famous for a stock photo of her crying that became known as First World Problems. McKayla Maroney became famous for her performance during the 2012 Olympics as well as her infamously disapproving facial expressions. But nowadays she’s taken to Instagram and is showing off a lot more than just her displeasure.

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