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Ismael El Ouali is a barber and fan of Moroccan film star Rachid El Ouali, no relation. Ismael not only adopted his hero’s name but also made it his mission to go and meet him.

Palestinians Mahmoud Afana and Mohammed Qassim are childhood friends who performed in school plays and now run a sweets shop to subsidise their passion for filmmaking.

Youssef Benkaddour is a security guard so in love with Bollywood that he watches at least three films a day.

Azizz Oubiye was a clerk and actor in 2013 when his young son, Yazid, was diagnosed with leukaemia. The boy suggested his dad should make a film and so My Bird in Heaven is the touching story of the life and death of his young child.

These five characters would all like to make it in the filmmaking world - but equally important is their desire to repay the faith others have shown in them. They all share a hope that any modest rewards they gain might be just around the corner, inshallah.
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