Fish Farm Contaminating Public Water in British Columbia

Shocking footage taken by Tavish Campbell shows an underwater pipe spewing fish blood into a public water channel in Canada. For now, the practice is totally legal. Watch Tavish's full video here. Following is a transcript of the video.

This pipe is dumping blood into public water in British Columbia. The pipe is connected to a salmon processing plant, that’s spewing out fish blood into the Discovery Passage channel.

Tavish Campbell discovered and filmed the incident. He visited the pipe multiples times in 2017. He wanted to see the effect of fish processing plants on the ecosystem but he didn't expect to find such a gruesome scene.

He took samples of the blood to researchers. They say it's full of intestinal worms and Piscine Reovirus. The virus can be deadly to wild fish but isn't harmful to humans.

Brown's Bay Packing owns the plant. In a statement, they say they do disinfect blood before dumping it. But, activists say they should take a step further and stop dumping blood altogether. Instead, the blood can be used in fertilizer.

The B.C. government has called for a review of this practice. So far no official action has been taken.

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