Four years at war: President Trump and the media | The Listening Post

The US election is just days away and President Donald Trump’s fake news narrative is about to be put to the ultimate test.


John Ziegler - Senior Columnist, Mediaite

Amy Goodman - Executive Producer, Democracy Now!

Ben Smith - Media Columnist, The New York Times

On our radar

US conservatives often accuse social media platforms of suppressing their voices. Politico’s chief tech correspondent, Mark Scott, joins Richard Gizbert to discuss a study which shows that claim is not true.

The chosen one: The Christian Broadcasting Network and Donald Trump

The gospel of Trump 24/7? We look at the marriage of convenience that is the president’s relationship with the Christian Broadcasting Network.


Gordon Robertson - CEO, Christian Broadcasting Network

Terry Heaton - Former Executive Producer, The 700 Club; Author, The Gospel of Self: How Jesus Joined the GOP

Sarah Posner - Author, Unholy: Why White Evangelicals Worship at the Alter of Donald Trump; Reporting Fellow, Type Investigations

Nicole Hemmer - Author, Messengers of the Right; Associate research scholar, Columbia University

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