GENIUS DESIGNS Governments Use To Control Our Behavior

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When walking down a city street, there can be so much to look at that it feels overwhelming. Every aspect of this public space has been carefully designed to modify your behavior in subtle ways. Some changes are obvious, but there are many others that you may not have noticed. In this video, we’ll show you some clever ways that the government manipulates your behavior without you being any the wiser. If you’re a fan of skateboarding, you won’t be happy to see the devices the government is using to make it impossible for you to skate in public places. Simple things like diagonal parking spaces and raised crosswalks work to control the flow of traffic and make things safer for pedestrians. If you’ve ever wondered why a park bench felt so uncomfortable, well, that’s actually by design. It’s called hostile architecture, and it’s a growing trend in many urban areas. You may have noticed spiky or rocky areas near buildings or under bridges. These areas are designed to be as unpleasant as possible to keep people away. A train station in Tokyo, Japan has had a lot of lucky modifying behavior with one simple trick: swapping out white lights for blue ones. Large windows are great for letting in light, and making you feel like you’re being watched. Buildings are designed this way intentionally so that you get the feeling someone is watching you, and modify your behavior accordingly.

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