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When life is difficult, we take the bad stuff and turn them into experiences that can teach and inspire us. Watch this Xo

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We can be the most confident and passionate person in the world, but when life goes sideways and we experience traumatic or tragic events, we can lose all positivity and hope.

So many of us go through life with periods that impact us so deeply that it’s hard to be the same person we once were.

The most beautiful thing however, is that we don’t actually want to be that previous-version of ourselves, no matter how amazing that person was. Because one of the greatest privileges of life is to have lived it, and living life mans going through things that pushes us and challenges us, and we may come out of it being initially weaker and a much lesser version of ourselves, but in reality what it has done for us is that it has made us more human.

Maybe we feel like we’re just a shadow of the bright, happy person we once were, but that’s the recovering aftermath of something we went through.

We haven’t ruin ourselves because every single experience we go through has taught us something.

The truth is, every negative experience hasn’t taken anything from us, it has given us something. A lesson, a way of finding out how strong we are, a way for us to open our eyes to see things in a different perspective, a way to better appreciate life, a way to be a better person.

That’s the magic of being alive. We take the bad stuff and we turn them into experiences that teach and inspire us. Whatever life has given you, you can give it right back tenfold.

Always see the strength in yourself. Feeling weak is not a sign of weakness or hopelessness, it is the sign that we need to take the time to rest, reflect, learn, so that we can move forward better and stronger.

Being human means we have to constantly learn from our challenges, but it doesn’t mean we cannot be happy, always.


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