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If you're in a bad mood... remember that nobody deserves your sour face ;) Watch this! X

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why such a sour face?

Nobody deserves your sour face.

When we wake up in a bad mood, or just have a really bad case of Monday blues… there are going to be many poor souls who have to look at our sour face.

It doesn’t mean that people who smile on Mondays have an easier life. It doesn’t mean they make more money or that they love their jobs more than we do. People who move with purpose and energy don’t look forward to getting out of their nice warm bed any more than we do.

People who are positive and cheerful don’t have more choices than we do, it’s just that they have chosen to exercise the choice that they do have. The choice that we all have - and that is to choose between happiness or misery.

Being human means that we all go through ups and downs, times of extreme challenge and discomfort, some people more than others. And when times are bad, it is crucial that we don’t pretend to be happy. It’s not about pretending that everything is okay on the outside whilst inside we get more and more depressed. If we need help, we seek it.

What doesn’t help is thinking that life is unfair and that our life is terrible. We only think life is unfair when we look at what other people have that we don’t have. It’s thinking that we deserve something - a better job, a better relationship, a better life. The only thing we deserve in life is happiness, because only WE can give ourselves happiness. So the happiness we deserve is the happiness we can give ourselves.

Sometimes, we wake up every morning and just go through the motions listlessly because we hate our job and we hate our life. That’s going through life a victim of our own self-inflicted suffering.

Nobody can give us the life we want - people can help us, but why would they feel compelled to help us, to be nice to us, when all they’re doing is staring at our sour face every single day?

If we want a better life, a better day, we can give it to ourselves. Exercise the choice you have, and do what you can to be happy, always.

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