Good Thoughts Or Good Actions? Happiness Vlog

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Action and intention, which is more important?

If you constantly think about killing someone, but you never actually do it, and in fact volunteer every weekend at an orphanage… are you in fact, a good person?

When our actions are not a reflection of our mind, the issue isn’t that we’re fake or we’re pretending, the problem is the internal discomfort, pain and stress that we keep experiencing.

Our thoughts occupy our mind all the time, so what’s in our head can create a certain kind of suffering, because one of the worst feelings in the world is the feeling that we’re not able to ‘be ourselves’.

This is why despite our best intentions, we’re never as loving or as kind or as understanding to our family and our loved ones, because at home is where we can ‘be ourselves’. That’s not the problem, because no one’s perfect. The problem is that we then we feel guilty, or ashamed.

And all these emotions never really go away.

It’s never about whether we’re a good or bad person, because we can take wonderful actions as a human being yet feel so bad inside.

We can do much good is in the world, but we need to know that our own peace of mind is just as important as how we are towards other people because our own life is just as valuable as every other human being.

This is why it’s not enough that our actions are always ‘good’, if inside we feel like we’re unable to ‘be ourselves’, that we’re not happy.

This is the singular reason why we work towards being a better person, because it is when our natural self meets our ideal self that we experience this sense of freedom.

We can do good deeds and put in perfect actions everyday, but it is when we feel good about ourselves on the inside that we can be free to truly be happy, always.

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