Hany El-Banna: The man behind a major global charity | Al Jazeera World Documentary

Today, Islamic Relief Worldwide has an income of some $200m per year, supporting almost 12 million people in 36 countries.

The Muslim relief agency was co-founded by Hany El-Banna, an Egyptian medical student training in the United Kingdom.

In 1983, the young medic visited Sudan which was gripped by famine. The experience moved him to establish the charity. Country by country, its footprint grew as it gave relief to regions affected by conflict, drought and natural disasters.

This is the story of how a charity fundraiser living in the British city of Birmingham created the largest Western-based international Muslim relief agency in the world.

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  • Hewa

    A part of the oligarchy of charities supported by the British government and GCC countries, managed by a racist Egyptian who does not hesitate to take money from the same Western agencies he despises.