Here's How Thor Could Defeat Thanos

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When Avengers: Endgame hits theaters, everyone's going to be gunning for Thanos, and it's hard to think of a character who has a bigger score to settle with the Mad Titan than Thor. Here's how the God of Thunder could get his revenge, and take down Thanos once and for all.

Everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - or at least the half of it that was still breathing after the end of Infinity War - has a pretty good reason for wanting Thanos dead. For Thor, though, it's gone beyond just saving the world. This time, Thanos made it personal.

The very first thing we see him Thanos do in Infinity War is obliterate most of the remaining Asgardians. It's especially heartbreaking after the character arc that ran through Thor: Ragnarok, a film that, despite its comedic moments, was at heart about Thor learning to let go - of his father, of his hammer, and even of Asgard itself, which he destroyed in order to stop Hela. The only consolation was the lesson that he learned from these trials:

And now, many of those people are dead, including Loki, the brother that he was just starting to get along with again. That's the kind of trauma that results in a lot of anger, and for Thor, intense anger tends to end with someone getting hit very, very hard.

We don't know how long the gap is between the end of Infinity War and the beginning of Endgame, but judging by the trailers, Thor's had plenty of time to rest up, do some push-ups, and rethink his strategy. Of course, that still pits him against the guy who managed to almost effortlessly take out the Hulk, which is pretty impressive. After all, Hulk's the strongest Avenger, right?

"Welcome, Strongest Avenger."

Well, not quite. In the big fight that they have in the Grandmaster's gladiatorial games, Thor is well on his way to a lightning-powered knockout victory. The only reason he loses is due to interference from the Grandmaster himself.

Of course, if this battle happened in a movie with Hulk's name in the title instead of Thor's, we might've seen a different outcome, but still. The fact that he could level the Hulk with a single punch, even without his hammer, shows just how much force Thor is capable of delivering. Here's how Thor could defeat Thanos is further explored in the rest of the video!

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Vengeance and valor | 0:14
The Strongest Avenger? | 1:17
Stormbreaker | 2:09
Heads up | 2:54
Thor vs. Thanos, Round 1 | 3:40
The Asgardian Arsenal | 4:44

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