High On Life Podcast #09 feat. Alissa Hansen

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This week we have Alissa Hansen joining us on the podcast. Not only is she a great friend of everyone at High On Life, but she was the life partner of Ryker Gamble for 5 years prior to his passing. Ryker is one of the founding members of High On Life.

It was such an honour to have her share her thoughts and feelings on many aspects of her life; like what it was like to date a social media star, and what her life was like after the accident.

We shared many great laughs and many deep moments in our conversation and we really applaud her courage and strength as she boldly takes on this new chapter in her life.

We love you so much, Alissa!


00:05 - A quite hilarious intro
00:57 - Alissa describes her journey into poetry writing
03:30 - Group discussion regarding the immediate feelings of the accident
08:15 - Alissa shares how she's doing now
10:30 - Talking about getting 'Keep Moving Forward' as a tattoo
14:32 - Justis asks if Alissa would like to join us on another High On Life trip
18:27 - Alissa discusses her alignment with the social media world
21:43 - Josh asks what Alissa seeks out in terms of adventure
23:46 - Has Alissa done solo trips before?
28:25 - Alissa shares her thoughts on the current social media world
28:55 - The group finds out how much they each spend on Instagram
30:30 - Justis asks about how much attention she has received through social media
34:10 - Alissa talks about the support she has received because of her writing
35:45 - Josh takes us on a weird tangent talking about finding and building communities
37:25 - Justis talks about 'joining the grief club'
43:50 - Alissa shares one of her memories with Ryker
44:44 - The rest of the team talk about how Ryker made an impact on their life
50:23 - Josh asks "What was it like dating a social media star?"
55:20 - "Do you still shop at Whole Foods?"
56:12 - Group talk on the books we have read this year
1:00:12 - Alissa talks about her current habits
1:02:05 - Final thoughts (it gets WEIRD here)


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Special thanks to Ben Czegeny for producing this Podcast


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