Horror Movie BFs You Would Never Want To Date In Real Life

Whether they're psychotic stalkers or pompous jerks or just terrible decision-makers, significant others in scary movies tend to cause a lot more problems than they solve. Let's take a look at the horror movie boyfriends who were the absolute worst.

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David McCall, Fear | 0:15
Noah Sandborn, The Boy Next Door | 0:59
Hugh, It Follows | 2:01
Micah, Paranormal Activity | 2:50
Tinker, Cam | 3:45
Billy Loomis, Scream | 4:36
Chris Hooker, The Craft | 5:38
Carter Duncan, The Perfect Guy | 6:25
Trent, Friday the 13th | 7:28
Seth Brundle, The Fly | 8:15
Ash Williams, The Evil Dead | 9:06
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