How Can You Be Happy, Always? - Happiness Vlog

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The feeling of happiness can be fleeting, but true happiness is always constant. This is why! XO

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how to be happy when I’m unhappy?

If we can be happy always, then why do are we sometimes unhappy?

One of the most important things for us to understand in life is that happiness has never been something for us to achieve.

Our happiness doesn't come and go, it is only the feeling of happiness that is fleeting. True happiness is simply there. It exists within us and is always alongside us.

It is life that is unpredictable, not happiness.

Happiness is, in fact, our most constant companion, but only if we allow it so.

If we live life embracing beliefs like, "I deserve this", or "this is unfair", or "you are wrong", then we are always putting conditions on when and how we can be happy.

We have complete power over our happiness, yet we give it away every time we're angry, hurt, insulted, stressed. So it's not that our happiness is not there, it's that we are rejecting it.
We need certain conditions, certain environment and certain situations to be happy because we believe so strongly that life should be a certain way.

Yet life as we know it doesn't cater to us. Life happens and we have no power over the lessons that the universe thinks we need to experience.

Your happiness is a sense of peace, if you choose to accept it into your life.

Your happiness is the absence of resentment and anger, if you choose to solve problems without them.

Your happiness is an acknowledgement of your insecurities, which by doing so helps you let go of your ego. 

When we really examine our unhappiness and our suffering, we will always come back to the realisation that only we can release ourselves from it all.

It's not about ignoring our pain or pretending we’re not angry or pushing aside our feelings, but to really acknowledge that shitty things can happen in life, and amazing things can also happen in life, but whichever the case, our happiness is independent of what happens in life. This is why, no matter what happens, we can be happy, always.

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