How Cartoons Taught Kids To Hate Each Other

Are cartoons evil? Well, some of them definitely aren't great.

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Creator & Director: Neil Garguilo
Lead Vocals: Wayne Brady
Backup Vocals: Lauren Evans
The Objective Owl: Neil Garguilo
Lyrics: Wayne Brady, Dwayne Colbert, Neil Garguilo
Music: Gregory James Jenkins
Saxophones: Kip Smedley
Executive Producers: Dwayne Colbert, Neil Garguilo, Chris Michael, David Saint
Producers: Gregory James Jenkins, Rob O’Connor
Associate Producer: Kristin Sanchez
Editor: Rob O’Connor
Original Animation: Griffin Giersch
Graphics: Vic Campos
Remastered Archival Footage: Thunderbean Animation
Producer: Rafael Raffaele Entertainment, LLC
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