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He was the president of Georgia, then a governor in Ukraine, and now he's in jail on hunger strike.

The arrest, and re-arrest, of Mikhail Saakashvii in Kiev has stirred protests which evoke memories of the Ukrainian revolution three years ago.

Saakashvili's supporters say his detention is based on lies and they want him let go. They already freed him once earlier this week - from a police van.

Tuesday's dramatic scenes saw a former president being dragged across a roof.

Police arrested him for allegedly conspiring with Russia against the Ukrainian state.

Saakashvili then escaped custody, before police tracked him down again on Friday.

The former Georgian leader says his arrest is politically motivated.

But is it really?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Alexander Korman - Former Head of the Public Council and First Deputy Chairman of Public Council to the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Ukraine.
Sergey Markov - Former Russian MP & spokesman for President Vladimir Putin.
Lilit Gevorgyan - IHS Global Insigh tanalyst and principal economist covering Russia & Ukraine.

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