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True love isn't what someone is willing to do or change for us. True love is someone's willingness to accept responsibility for their own happiness. Here's why X

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Growing up, we think we know what love is.

We’ve seen our parents in love. Some see their parents out of love. In movies, we watch love being portrayed through the most romantic sacrifices possible. All the time, we watch how love is how someone makes you feel. We see the evidence of how love is what someone is willing to do for you.

When we start dating, when we go through relationships, it becomes harder and harder to understand what love is.

We experience how love is also anguish, heartache and so, so much hurt. Although we know that no one can make us happy if we cannot make ourselves happy, it is almost instinctive that we look towards our partner to bring us a certain joy, a certain happiness.

The problem with this is that nobody can really give us what we truly need, because not only are they not able to look into our minds and our hearts, often we ourselves don’t even know what brings us complete joy and happiness.

Perhaps love… isn’t what someone is wiling to do for us, or sacrifice for us. Perhaps the truest evidence of love, is when someone is willing to accept the responsibility that they make themselves happy.

Because that is only time where our partner can truly and fully accept us for who we are. That is the only time where someone is in a relationship with us not for what we can give them, but simply for the fact that they want to be there.

This sort of love… is where the person who loves us, inspires us be better versions of ourselves, because in their complete lack of expectations of who they need us to be, they help us to clearly see what we want to change about ourselves.

When we feel like we need to be measure up, to be better at something so that the person we love will not be disappointed with us, it is much harder to change for the better, because it’s hard to change when it’s not a change for ourselves, but for other people.

The nature of love we have for someone changes over time, and it is not through sacrifice but the through ability to completely accept someone we love that cultivates a relationship where we’re able to be happy, always.

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