How Gratitude Makes Us Rich

It's amazing how a simple "thank you" can give us so much happiness. Watch this! Xo

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To Read:
“Thank you.”

Thank you thank you thank you.

That’s what I remember my late grandma saying the most. She would say "thank you" every time I saw her and I remember always asking her "Why are you thanking me? I didn't do anything!”.

Now, looking back, I understand that she wasn’t thanking me for anything I did, she said thank you so often because felt grateful for her family and her life, and she expressed it often.

That's why my grandma’s life was always so rich. She had so little money and worked herself to the bone supporting a family of 10 children, but she never once thought her life wasn't good. She felt blessed.

Out of all the lessons in life, this is one that I cherish the most. The lesson is that it truly doesn't seem to matter whether you have very little or have a lot - what matters is the gratitude you put upon it.

Because you know, it doesn’t mean that when we have a lot we’re happier. Because anything amazing very quickly becomes normal to us. Because we get used to things and even people. There’s a honeymoon phase to everything we experience, especially relationships. The pleasure always dwindles. And then it becomes harder to be as happy as we once were.

In a huge way, having a lot and having more does very little for our happiness. But something as simple as a “thank you” does so much for our happiness. It’s not for the other person or the thing when we say thank you, it’s how gratitude helps us see normal things, and even old things, with new eyes.

And this sort of appreciation is priceless. Gratitude makes people and things priceless, which makes our lives richer, better and happier.

It’s a worthy goal to be someone who says “thank you” all the time, to things big and small, every single day. Because then, like my grandma, it’s very possible to be happy always.

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