How is the war in Ukraine creating a global food emergency? | The Stream

Six weeks into Russia's punishing war in Ukraine, the world's food supply is in peril. UN Secretary-General António Guterres has warned that without international assistance, hunger rates in dozens of countries will soar, fomenting “political instability and unrest around the globe.”

Together, Russia and Ukraine supply 30 percent of global wheat exports, and more than half of the world's sunflower oil, a key cooking ingredient in many countries. The war has dramatically curbed exports from both nations; Ukraine is cut off physically due to port blockages, and Russia because of sanctions.

The fallout has been immediate. Shortages in wheat and oil have caused food prices to soar to record levels around the world. According to the United Nations, the war could cause 7.6 million to 13.1 million more people to go hungry, most of them far from Ukraine's borders.

In this episode of The Stream we ask, how is the war in Ukraine creating a global food emergency?

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