How is Trump doing? We asked immigrant voters

The Stream asks a group of naturalised US citizens - some Trump supporters and some opponents - how the US president has performed in the year since his clinched victory.

It has been one year since US President Donald Trump won the election in one of the most hotly-contested and divisive races in the country's history. The flamboyant property-mogul-turned-politician pledged to, “drain the swamp” in the capital Washington DC and shake up the system.

In his victory speech Trump pledged to bring a fractured nation together and renew the American Dream. Within days of being sworn in, he set about trying to push through major legislative changes: repealing and replacing Obama-era health care reforms, expaning the vetting of immigrants to the US, creating jobs and moving to withdraw the US from several international agreements. None of these, though, has been fully achieved.

Despite overall low approval ratings, the voters who put Trump in power are mostly satisfied. But his first year has been often fraught, generating daily headlines. There has been infighting, leaks, investigations and a failure to pass any one landmark piece of legislation.

On Wednesday, we’ll check in with seven naturalised citizens to the United States in their fourth special town hall appearance on The Stream since Trump was elected. They reunite this time for an in-depth, two-part look at his first year in office -- successes, failures and everything in between.

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