How storm Ida turned NYC basement apartments into death traps

Hurricane Ida is gone, but clean-up efforts are just starting in the northeast of the United States, and the effects are still being felt in Louisiana.
However, they are being complicated by lingering problems and increased anger.
As many as 13 people were killed after being trapped inside basement apartments in New York. The victims were found dead in flooded basement apartments they were unable to escape.
Housing experts say up to 300,000 illegal basement dwellings in New York may not conform to safety codes and do not have proper drainage or escape routes.
Many of the people who live in these apartments are on low incomes and often immigrants, who cannot afford to live anywhere else.
The city does not have exact numbers of illegal basement dwellings, but the governor said floods are the new normal, so they need to find answers.

Al Jazeera's Gabriel Elizondo reports from Washington, DC.

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