How The MCU Could Replace Spider-Man

Filling Spider-Man's boots isn't exactly going to be an easy task, but luckily Marvel's got plenty of iconic heroes waiting for their shot at the big screen. With a little luck, any one of these characters might just be the answer to how the MCU could replace Spider-Man.

Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, has been "embiggening" herself all across the Marvel Universe ever since she first appeared in 2013's Captain Marvel #17. A Pakistani-American Muslim girl with incredibly versatile body-warping powers, Ms. Marvel has since proven to be one of Marvel Comics' most popular teenage heroes.

And Kamala has already made a big name for herself outside of the comics. She's a playable character in both the mobile Contest of Champions game and one of the most frequently-used avatars in LEGO Marvel Super-Heroes 2. She's currently the star of her own solo title Magnificent Ms. Marvel, and the leader of the team in Champions. Marvel has also recently started a new volume of Marvel Team-Up, with Ms. Marvel as the lead. Considering the circumstances, it seems particularly fitting that the first story arc of Marvel Team-Up includes Kamala and Peter Parker having to deal with a Freaky Friday-style body switch.

And now that Marvel has announced that Kamala is on her way to the MCU with her own series on Disney +, there could be no better time for her to step up and take Peter Parker's place as the high school-aged heart and soul of the franchise.

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