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It's always easier to set a goal than it is to achieve it. Here's how to achieve any goal! X

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Hi guys!!! This is video number 365. Whoohoooo! I’m celebrating because one year ago, I set myself a challenge to create videos on happiness every day for one year. And here we are.

So for this 365th video, I’m going to share with you 3 things that I think is absolutely key to help you achieve any goal that you set for yourself.

Number 1: You’ve got to be
persistent despite emotions.

Whenever we start a new project, a new job, a new goal, we’re going to be fueled by excitement and ideas. It’s very much like the excitement of staring a new relationship. What we have to know and ACCEPT is that feelings are highly reliable, one moment you’re excited, the next moment you can feel uninspired.

When I first set myself the goal of making videos everyday, the biggest challenge was being persistent even when I didn’t feel like I wanted to do it. There were days where it was difficult - I didn’t feel inspired, I was tired, I didn’t feel good when there were comments from people that were unpleasant, and I had to remind myself that all that doesn’t matter, because life is about rising above our emotions to do what needs to be done.

Number 2: You have to really care.

If we really want to succeed, it’s not just about discipline and focus and skill. You have to really care about the value you’re providing to people. Because it is only when you care that you can create something that is authentic and serves people.

When I first decided to make these videos, I had no idea if anyone was even going to watch it, much less like it, but I believed in the messages and thought to myself that even if it helps just ONE person, it was enough.

I wholeheartedly believe that when we care about the process instead of being driven by results, that’s when amazing things start to happen. There may be a goal, but we have to enjoy the journey. Because that’s when we’ll care less about impressing people and that’s how we can create great & authentic ideas.

Number 3: You’ve got to be determined but not hard on yourself.

When we set goals for ourselves, it can be very easy to feel like we’re failing when we don’t achieve what we think we should. Being determined is important to not give up, but at the same time, we’re also human and the have to take care of ourselves.

For this past year, I spent many months being very tired. I was writing, shooting and editing the videos myself for the first four months, and I was feeling exhausted from the lack of sleep. I felt anxious when I had to travel for work because I didn’t want to miss a day.

It got to the point where it was also making it hard for me to be fully present when I spent time with my family.

That was when I asked myself “Hang on, what is the point of me doing this?”

Goals are great, but they cannot come at the expense of our health, peace and happiness. I stopped pressuring myself and enlisted help. I allowed myself to take breaks whenever I was tired or felt overwhelmed. And that was when I truly enjoyed the process again.

We can all achieve anything we set our mind to, if we don’t give up and also if we’re kind to ourselves.

Thank you for being part of my journey, and I’m glad to tell you that this is not the end, I will be continue to make more videos that can hopefully inspire you to live every day with joy and to be happy, always!

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